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Only For You by Samantha Leigh
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Only For You

Release date: 12 February 2024
Series: Valentine Bay (Book 4)
Hero and heroine: Will and Abbie
Tropes: Beach Romance, Forced Proximity, Former Bad Girl, Friends to Lovers, Happily Ever After, Only One Bed, Reformed Player, Roommates to Lovers, Single Dad, Small Town Romance
Steam level: medium-high heat

He’s my new roommate. The best friend I’ve loved forever. But now he’s a scorching-hot single dad and there’s only one bed.
I am so screwed.
You know the story about “that girl” in high school? Well, that was me, but I’d never let a lousy rumour rule my life. I took every word and rewrote the script. Abigail Ellison: all game, no shame.
It’s kind of my brand.
Will Kidd is an irresistible bartender with a rep of his own. He wants me. I want him. But I refuse to be a notch on his bedpost or let him be another on mine.
When a baby wearing his dimples lands on Will’s doorstep the same day I come begging for a place to crash, Will finally gets serious—and his overprotective daddy vibe is seriously hot.
Now we’re raising a baby in Will’s loft. It’s tense. We’re stressed. Will can’t keep sleeping on the sofa and I’m months into a never-ending man-drought, but we know one way to blow off steam…
In no time at all, everything good in my world looks like all the things I never wanted. The man, the home, the business, the baby… But it’s impossible to believe this life is truly mine to keep.
After all, former bad girls and reformed playboys don’t get happily-ever-afters… Do they?
Note: Only For You is a first-person, dual POV contemporary romance.

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